Five Tips on Creating a Strong Company Culture

What is company culture and why is it important?

Company culture can be defined as the shared values that a company believes in and implements on a whole; ideally on a daily level. It is reflected in the environment and behaviour of all employees. It can motivate and hold everyone together to work as a team. It can also attract new members to the company, and keep the momentum going during tough times.

Think of the company culture as the driving force that is shared among the team members. It’s the shared value system that employees can refer to and it can motivate the entire company. But why is company culture important? It often can be what makes or breaks a great workplace. Weak company culture can be a big reason why employees leave.

People sometimes need more reasons to stay other than company benefits, like a free gym membership. Sometimes who you work with and the relationships you have among colleagues are the reasons why you enjoy coming to work every day, and company culture can greatly influence this. Do you feel like your company could strengthen its company culture? We gathered our five tips on how you can move your team positively forward.

Five Tips on How to Create Strong Company Culture

1. Create a company culture vision as a team.

Mission statements and ethos can be updated annually, and having your team directly input their ideas can make everyone feel a part of something larger. This, of course, depends on the size of your company. It probably won’t be easy for a large business with 100+ employees to all take part in creating the company vision. Having ideas written by employees and then voting for new ethos, or changing one together could be an alternative.

For smaller businesses, having your employees actively refresh or change the company vision once a year can be a great way to connect. If you already have a company vision, you could refresh once in a while with your employees. Companies can continue to grow and change together along with its employees. After all, a successful company is driven by the successes of its employees. When those working for a company take part in building the ethos/vision/mission, they feel more of a part of the greater whole.

2. Offer benefits that employees love.

Make sure the benefits align with your values and add true benefits to your employees. If your company values health and wellness, offering yoga classes once a week makes sense. Offering an option to work from home is another benefit that team members might value if your company is driven by the idea of working remotely and giving employees some freedom. Again, it depends on your company’s vision and values, which should be aligned with the benefits on offer.

3. Create meaningful team-building sessions. 

Don’t just host team-building sessions as a routine. Make sure that your employees are having fun and creating stronger relationships with colleagues. Mixing up the events to include formal and informal events can keep things interesting. Having diverse team-building activities offers various ways for your employees to connect. 

Some suggestions can include joining a fitness challenge, having a casual drink after work, having an annual retreat with the team or going to an escape game together. Aligning your team-building sessions with your values offers another way to keep the momentum going helps build a company culture.

4. Create a safe place for employee feedback.

Creating space for your employees where they can be honest can provide value by finding ways to improve working conditions. When employees feel like they have been listened to, and conditions are improved, it is more likely that these employees will feel more attached to a company, and productivity goes up. 

If employees are scared to voice their needs, they might be stating them when they’re resigning. You could ask employees to write suggestions anonymously, or make sure that managers are creating an environment where needs can be openly expressed and respected.

5. Invest in your employees' education.

When employees feel like they are progressing and learning something new at work, they often have a sense of moving forward as individuals and with the company. Investing in a company’s development includes investing in employee education. This can be in the form of workshops, training courses and even attending interesting events where various professional speakers talk about their expertise. Ask your employees what they want to learn to best meet their needs.


GoViral 5 Company Ethos

Need some more inspiration for creating your internal motto for your company? At GoViral, we have our internal 5 company ethos to keep us motivated and moving in one direction as a team. We even printed them out and hung them on the wall in our office for everyone to see.

1. Keep improving and learning

Progress and development are an important aspect to move forward as a company, and as a team.

2. Share what you learn with the team

Sharing a new app, or know-how is a great way to move everyone forward and exchange expertise.

3. Don’t say you can’t until you try

Saying something isn’t possible before trying to find a solution is almost like giving up before understanding the possibilities.

4. Look each other in the eye

Eye contact creates intimacy and it shows that one is really being listened to.

5. Curate client relationships

Creating long-term relationships are important for so many reasons. We don’t just work for clients, we want to create a relationship with them. 


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