What is GoViral?

GoViral is a team of creative, enthusiastic, social media marketing professionals who are in love with the internet and obsessed with their clients.

GoViral was launched in 2011 by Belinda Filippelli, a marketing MBA professional with 20 years of experience in 5 countries across three continents.

We are a boutique agency which specialises in inbound marketing by attracting clients through engaging content across all social channels. Through our personalised consulting, we will help to guide you and your business to become the best you can be. Our team will provide customised services according to your preferences.

Instead of outsourcing your marketing activities to us, we are outsourcing our creative professionals to you.

What We Love to Do


We work with you and your company to create and implement effective marketing strategies that combine in-depth insights with practical expertise that leads to viable growth.


Keep yourself and / or your marketing team abreast of new developments and best practice in social media with our individual and corporate training programs.

Performance Audit

Get a customized assessment of your strategy, reach, and impact designed to improve the effectiveness of your marketing investments.

Community Management

We build targeted, engaged communities on Social Media channels like Facebook and LinkedIn with regular content postings and conversations to build loyalty, brand awareness, and customers.

Digital Campaigns (PPC)

We facilitate word of mouth marketing by creating social media content such as graphics, contests, campaigns, promotional tabs, presentations, and videos that your fans will love, engage with, and share.


We create tailored websites that fit the needs and branding of your company to present your best self to your clients and customers.

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GoViral Media Hub

GoViral Media Hub is a fully equipped podcast and vlogging studio conveniently located in the heart of Prague.

Whatever your level of experience, bring your podcast ideas to life with our full-service studio and flexible rental options.

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Coming May 2020.

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GoViral Learning Labs

The Inbound Marketing Strategy for Sales
WEEKEND CRASH COURSE: March 21st -22nd, 9:00 - 17:30 both days

After two #InboundInsights sessions, where you had the possibility to hear more about the power of Inbound Marketing, GoViral is offering you an opportunity to learn how to create a measurable, attainable, kick-ass inbound marketing strategy for your business in just one weekend!

More details and registration here.

Meet the Team

Goviral is a team of creative, enthusiastic, social media marketing professionals who are in love with the internet and obsessed with their clients. Click on our Linkedin profiles to find out about our professional backgrounds, our Twitter profiles to hear what we chat about and our Facebook profiles to see what we do for fun.

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What our Clients Love

We build real relationships with our clients, and they send their love back to us. Read a few of our testimonials below.

Belinda and her company, GoViral, are synonymous with social media, community management and digital marketing. Belinda radiates an infectious enthusiasm for the personal, professional and commercial benefits of authentically and synergistically connecting people, organizations and brands.

Juwana Jenkins Corporate Communications: Coaching and Training

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Belinda and her company Go Viral on a multi-discipline project where she co-ordinated our social marketing strategies for the project. She is amazing, high-energy, positive, and creative. I would recommend her over and again.

Lindsay Taylor International Film & Theatre Producer. Casting Director. Director. Actor. Vocal Coach. Trinity TEFL Certified Teacher.

Belinda’s team at GoViral put together overnight and with only a few hours’ notice a creative and engaging Prezi presentation from a detailed set of notes. Amazing … it helped me say what I wanted to say better than I could have on my own and saved me hours of development!

John W. Mohr, EA U.S. Enrolled Agent/Tax Advisor (Only Czech-speaking U.S. Enrolled Agent in Czech and Slovak Republics)

Belinda walked us through the initial steps at the time we started our presence on social media platforms and were seeing low engagement. She was willing to listen to us, learned about our business and then recommended strategies and suggested personalized solutions. Since that time, our social media have continually attracted attention of new fans and followers and the engagement rate we have is amazing.
Working with Belinda has always been a great and pleasant experience. She is smart, creative and always comes up with new ideas and solutions to our challenges. Her knowledge of social media is striking, she always tracks the newest trends and is on top of all changes. Her advice is always very valuable and much appreciated. There is no doubt she loves the work she’s doing!

Eva Pinkrova Senior Marketing Specialist

Belinda has a really deep and professional knowledge of working and using social media for advertising your company. She has wonderful and innovative ideas. She is very reliable and provides excellent services! I love working with her!

Petra Moravkova Czech Branch Manager at Conbiz s.r.o.

Belinda Filippelli is an outstanding professional. She is extremely organized, knowledgeable and always willing to go the extra mile in every aspect of her job. She has excellent verbal and written communication skills and is comfortable working in a fast-paced, multi-task professional environment.

Linda Anderson Manager of Student Relations, Executive MBA Program

Belinda is very professional, knowledgeable and creative and her personal approach and willingness to share her knowledge and ideas impressed me greatly. She helped us to launch and optimize our online presence and showed us many creative ways how to handle social media to its full benefit. I highly recommend that you contact Belinda for your company’s social media needs.

Helena Mahuas Hradilova Independent Consultant, Co-owner at Serendipity Wellness

Belinda was a great help in new age marketing, social media, and gaining the tools needed to attract new customers. I strongly recommend her services to anyone that needs to grow their customer base, and initiate their companies social media presence.  With Belinda, you will gain tools and valuable knowledge to stand out of the crowd and get quick results.

Joe Maxant General Manager at Zodiac Galleys Europe - Zodiac Aerospace

I took one of Belinda Filippelli’s courses on Social Media, and I was amazed by the things we learned. She is one of the most experienced people in the area of Social Marketing and Media, and showed real interest in helping our organization.
Recently we worked together on getting our company up to speed with social media, and I have to say that dedication and creativity is definitely not missing from Belinda’s characteristics.

Belinda is a great fun person, I’m happy I found her!

Karol Charlie Bodnar CEO at Euro Jet Intercontinental Ltd

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