The Biggest Content Trends for 2020

Are you thinking about your marketing strategy for 2020? One thing is certain: consumers want to be educated and supported through their buying journey more than ever before instead of just being sold to. That’s why content still plays an essential role in building strong customer relations and raising the customer experience to the next level. Therefore, make sure you get familiar with the upcoming content marketing trends if you want to create an effective marketing strategy for 2020.

Here are some of the biggest content trends we think you should be familiar within 2020.

Create Video Content

Fundamentally, people still prefer video to all other forms of content when learning about new products and services. More specifically, 50% of online shoppers claim videos have supported their decision to choose a specific brand, product or service. On the other hand, even 55% of people who shop in stores has admitted watching videos before actually going to complete a purchase. 

When it comes to video content, make sure you also try to use live videos, which has been found to be viewed three times more than traditional videos. Don't be afraid to try it on channels such as Facebook or Instagram, and remember that these videos don't have to be perfect as your audience will appreciate real-time and non-edited content. 

Use Voice Assistance

With the rise of popularity of voice assistants, i.e Alexa and Google Assistant, you should try to create your content optimised for voice assistant searching. Research shows, by 2020 around 30 per cent of online searches will be done via voice assistants, without using screens. 

Similar to the featured snippets that come up first in a Google search, you should aim that voice assistants refer to your content as often as possible. To achieve this, think about including long-tail keywords and adjusting your content to be more conversational. Another useful tip would be to add your location or “near me” in your title tags.

Create Immersive Content

It seems like in 2020 blogs and videos will not be enough. Companies will have to get familiar with some of the advanced technologies if they want to stay on top of their game. There are two very popular ways to provide immersive content - chatbots and virtual or augmented reality. Having a chatbot on your website can easily help answer simple questions for consumers and record their feedback while freeing up time to concentrate on running your business. 

Virtual reality makes it possible for people to feel like they’re using a product before they decide to make a purchase. Introducing this technology will create a more immersive experience for your audience and increase their engagement. All this being said, you can see why proactive marketers have already started using these techniques.

Look for User-Generated Content

Since user-generated content involves customers reaching out and showing their satisfaction with your products or services online, positive user-generated content (UGC), is one of the most important content features in marketing. One thing is sure, potential clients want to hear opinions of already existing customers, and positive reviews on social media usually outweigh any other investment in advertising. Having an enthusiastic and loyal customer is one of the greatest assets you can have and it helps build your social media credibility while boosting your SEO as well.

Take Advantage of Podcasts

Podcasts have certainly shaped 2019 and they are here to stay. It’s a great platform to advertise your brand, or you could even consider making your own podcast. So here is one more content trend you should consider including in your content strategy for 2020. According to the Statista reports, in the last decade, the number of people listening to podcasts has been nearly tripled. A majority of the people who were part of the survey explained they mostly listen to podcasts to learn something new and get inspired. On the other hand, the research also showed that more and more people are not just listening but also engaging with the podcasts. Therefore, go ahead and start planning your podcast content to be a part of your marketing strategy.

Finally, if you want your business to be present in your customers’ minds, concentrate your efforts to incorporate these trends into your digital marketing strategy. Regardless of your business being B2B or B2C oriented, bear in mind that you can use any of these trends, in both cases, to gain a competitive advantage in 2020.


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